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Aiming for eco-friendly floristry practices

Here at Nan Floral Art we are fully committed to growing a sustainable and responsible business.

​Surprisingly, traditional floristry industry is not super eco-friendly. The growth and preserving of fresh flowers consumes a large amount of energy and water. Moreover, some of the materials for flower arrangements, for example, floral forms, are not digestible by the nature, which causes a considerable issue for our already weak eco-system. We regularly develop and refine our floral design practices as we challenge ourselves and continue to push boundaries to create new, bespoke and beautiful designs and installations that are both impactful, beautiful and sustainable.

We reuse and recycle our flowers and other materials from weddings and events to create beautiful crafts and artworks.

We follow all the design principles and practices

Contrast, Balance, Emphasis, Proportion, Hierarchy, Repetition, Rhythm, Pattern and White Space

The understanding of design elements and the knowledge of horticulture is the root of our design. All our floral and event designs strictly follow the industrial design process.

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