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自然的美丽不需要格外的修饰。完美使用自然的色彩和质感来设计花艺。让人们 在笑声中感受自由和安逸。去除一切浮华,只留下生活的本真,或者幸福就应是简单的味道。我们是自然风婚礼花艺专家。




Nan Floral Art 诞生于对手作,艺术和设计的热爱。我们相信,设计完美的花艺作品是独一无二的过程。如同艺术家使用颜料来构图,我们使用花的色彩,芬香,以及质感来一起构建充满抽象风格的定制设计。



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“Nan’s studio is absolutely beautiful, lots of decorations and she’s an experienced floral artist and knows everything about plants. Nan was helping us with the wedding flower arrangement. She listened carefully of our thoughts and made really great recommendations. She even sketched the design ideas, which is amazing! The whole experience was magnificent. The flowers were so beautiful, all our guests were talking about it. Thanks Nan for the wonderful wedding flower arrangement!“

Vincent Li

Google Review
“Stumbled across Nan at the Rose St Market and instantly fell in love with one of her Christmas dried flower wreaths. It takes pride of place in the hallway and is just too beautiful! So beautiful that we’re organising attending one of her workshops now and can’t wait!“

John Doe

Google Review
“Nan is a true artist and created beautiful displays for our small wedding space which was a common comment throughout the night from our guests. She was also so lovely and easy to deal with. We enjoyed meeting her at her studio - we could have stayed all day looking at her dried flowers and candles. We framed her sketch designs that she created when planning her arrangements which is a beautiful and unique way to remember our day.“

Edwina N.


Nan Floral Art 婚礼及活动花艺设计

Make your perfect day

Nan Floral Art Studio努力做出完美的定制花艺设计。创意和独特性始终是我们花艺设计的核心。我们的设计一起尊从设计的流程,呈现设计学的所有元素和规则。从用于婚礼,公司活动,私人聚会,办公室和餐厅的花艺设计,到为私人住宅和商业尝试精心挑选和精心设计的高端定制,我们为每个客户提供持久优质的鲜花及设计。

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